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10 Ways to Live an Extraordinary Life

Pay attention. Be grateful. Stop comparing. Let go. Make space. Slow down. Admire small miracles. Write it down. Act like a tourist. Be extraordinary. Lovingly stolen from the memorial page for Mike

Some amount of freedom has been gained.

Yesterday was a pretty big day. Not only was it National Sibling Day (who knew? Shout-outs to my quite genetically-similar homies Brian, Jamie, and Chris) but I also went to see Dr H about going wireless. You see, since The Incident, I'd had a bit of chicken wire wrapped around my sternum to keep it together, and this bit of wire was not liked in the least by my body's Foreign-object Lateral Assessment maTrix (FLAT).

Wound Vac

In my last post I mentioned having to stay in the hospital while waiting to get approved for a home wound vacuum. The approval finally came through on Monday (3/3/14) and I got the vac and went home Monday night. Another 5 days punched in my Frequent Visitor Card - only 10 more punches until I get a free weekend stay!The vac is only slightly annoying. I have to wear it pretty much constantly (I



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